Hello! I'm Natalie 龍馥瑜.

I'm a final-year Journalism and Computer Science student exploring the intersection of media, data, and technology at the University of Hong Kong and beyond. I was an intern at the South China Morning Post Graphics Desk and Droste. I also led TecHKU, a technology news site at the university. In summer 2017, I was a visiting student with the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab, where I implemented Chinese-language support on Media Cloud and conducted research on Chinese-language media ecosystems.

My passion for technology stems from a curiosity to understand how it affects our lives and how we can manage it for personal entertainment and for social good. My interdisciplinary education has helped me cultivate a product mindset, with which I hope to contribute to the news industry and beyond.

Outside of reporting and coding, I love getting involved in tech, startup, and journalism communities.

I am currently in Hong Kong completing my final year of studies.

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